HTML/CSS developer


My name is Konstantin Dzuin. I'm Mobile Web developer at Badoo living in London.

The main area of responsibility is html/css architecture, hi-fi code and great UX. I'm very passionate about technologies and techniques, some kind of pragmatic perfectionist.

I have a number of hobbies and I'm really happy that one of them is what I do every day. I have an aim to enlarge my field of abilities in making web better, developing really difficult and complex projects.

What do I do

I am taking part in some really big and highloaded projects at Badoo.

Besides that I usually spend my time with the interesting projects and making my skills.

I do clean and pretty HTML, CSS, adaptive and responsive markup, I use CSS3 and HTML5 not forgetting about main features in elder browsers, also use SVG with all the pallete of options it gives us. I want everything works as it should do and I pay attention to all the details. Other point is in scaling my results for futhure needs of project, that’s why I keep in mind all the points of highload specifics and automation possibilities.

Recent talks